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Mini S Exotic Zoo LLC



About Us

Come let our professional care takers be your personal guide to some of the worlds most rare and endangered primates and exotic animals! Tours last 2 hours with up close handling and feeding of some exotics. Available by appointment only! Once in a lifetime opportunities.We are fully licensed USDA and Texas Parks and Wildlife compliant. Some of the species that may be encountered included but are not limited to: Cotton top Tamarins, Owl Monkeys, Lar Gibbon Apes, Bush Baies, Spider Monkeys, Black and White Ruffed lemurs, Bennet Wallabys, Patagonian Cavies, Fennec Foxes, Asian Clawed Otters, Red Kanagroo, Kinkajou, Two Toed Sloth, Afircan Crested Porcupine, Australian Striped Possum, Tiny Muntjac Deer, Australian Bettong, Rare Chacoan Mara, Black Capped Capuchin Monkeys, Armadillo, Egyptian Fruit Bats, Serval, Bobcat, Ringtail Cat and much more! Dont wait, book your tour today!

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