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About Us

Zil Banking is an online banking platform that can meet all your business needs with no fees and hidden charges. Zil Banking offers you a free business checking account with no minimum balance requirement and opening deposits. Also, Zil online banking provides instant money transfers between Zil accounts, free ACH, and Wire transfers. Zil offers free check drafts, eChecks, and checks by mail services. In addition, the bank provides free 100 check stock papers on your first deposit of $1000 in the account.

Get your paychecks early with faster direct deposits using Zil online banking. Set up direct deposit with Zil and receive your paychecks two days before without any hidden charges. You will get access to your paychecks before it’s available at traditional banks. Also, it will help you pay bills, rents, and other payments early without any dues.

Get a virtual debit card instantly and start using it as soon as you apply for it. Zil online banking will provide a virtual debit card just after you applied for it. You can add it to your smartphone or smartwatch and use it right away. Virtual cards are one way to spend more securely and safely. You can shop online or at any merchants that accept Visa cards and have contactless technology.


  • Open account from your home
  • Instanly issue virtual card
  • Send & Receive payment
  • Instantly create your second bank account

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